Best Fitness Training Workouts to Lose Weight

Selecting the right functional training workouts can be confusing if losing weight is your specific fitness goal. This is hardly surprising given the mind-boggling number of functional  fitness workouts that claim to help you lose weight. This is where working under a personal trainer can make all the difference.

Your trainer will know just which functional training workouts to put in your plan after evaluating your body type and fitness goal. This is important as you want to lose just the right amount of weight and not too much.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Researchers maintain that you can lose weight more effectively if you include cardios in your regular workouts. Cardiovascular workouts are highly beneficial in boosting your metabolism and enhancing your oxygen intake capacity. Simple workouts such as swimming, jogging, running, cycling are all highly enjoyable outdoor workouts that fall in this category. You can do any of these regularly with friends or on your own.

For more punch, vary the intensity of your workouts so that you do a little of jogging in-between your regular walks or combine multiple swimming styles to provide more challenge to your muscles. You can find some great certificaton providers that offer Functional Fitness Courses.


Strength Training Workouts

Strength training or resistance training is also crucial if you to lose weight in real quick time. This type of workout targets your muscles making them bigger and stronger. Bigger muscles naturally require more energy to work and hence your body is compelled to burn more fat to release calories.

Understandably, strength training under a competent personal trainer has the potential to turn your body into a furnace with little scope for storing unnecessary fat. Over the months, you can see the results as you lose weight steadily just as planned.

Interval Training Workouts

This kind of workout is considered by many to be most effective for rapid weight loss. Interval training includes a host of workout moves that raises your heart rate followed by brief periods of rests where the heart beat falls. This happens repeatedly in quick succession so that your heart rate remains high which in turn boosts your metabolism. A higher metabolism ensures more fat burning and effective weight loss.

Your personal trainer may also incorporate high intensive interval training where the workouts are more rigorous and your body feels like falling apart. But the results are great and you will definitely see that rewards for all that hard work.

Workouts Targeting Large Muscle Groups

To supplement all your efforts at effective weight loss; include workouts that target large muscle groups all over the body. Fat is stored in different areas of the body and you would not want to look disproportionate with toned arms but a sagging abdomen.

Try out burpees, squats, explosive lunges, jump rope, double jump and other similar workouts. These workouts are so created that in one single movement you can target different muscle from different areas of the body. All these exercises focus on chest, abdomen, hips, shoulder, thighs and other areas which typically store fat and make you bulky. Reducing fat from these areas through regular exercise will make you lighter and give your entire body a well-toned look.

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Why register with an online personal trainer

Staying fit and healthy has become the latest fad these days. Be it going to the gym or enrolling with an online personal trainer, losing weight and maintaining a good physique is everyone’s top priority these days.

Online Personal Trainer

So, why is online personal training becoming so popular these days, you may wonder. The online program offers you military like training helping you stretch and workout every single muscle in your body. The results you achieve in the end are very satisfying, unlike other training workouts which involve long and boring exercise hours. They are relatively expensive when compared to online personal training and are very tiring as well. Your online personal trainer on the other hand provides you with high resistant exercises that are sure to challenge every muscle. The intense online exercises library will make you feel surprisingly energetic and fresh.

You are trained under a certified online personal trainer  who will have a very good idea about your body build-up and will know how far your body can be pushed. Very often, people tend to go in for crash diets to lose weight. This is synonymous to starving where the speed with which you lose weight will become equal to the speed with which you will end up gaining weight as soon as you stop following those crash diets.

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Tips for a Healthy Heart by Bondi Personal Trainer

One of the main reasons for contracting heart diseases is the sedentary lifestyle that most people lead nowadays. Regular exercise and physical activities are a must if you want to keep heart ailments at bay. Doctors in Bondi personal trainer recommend at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise, 5 days a week. It is even better if you can exercise for 45 minutes to 1 hour, 4 times a week at a minimum. It doesn’t always need to be heavy duty gymming, even pilates training is a great way to exercise. You can run in the neighborhood park with your dog or family or take up sports like lawn tennis or basketball, volleyball or soccer. Swimming and cycling provide great cardio workouts as does jogging, climbing stairs and running. The important thing is to provide a whole body workout and manage your weight. If you are overweight or obese, exercising regularly will help you knock off those extra pounds.

Tips for a healthy Heart

If you want to protect your heart, you must give up all kinds of red meat, animal fat, animal livers and even duck meat. Switch to skinless chicken, skinless turkey, fishes especially sea fishes and limit your egg intake to 3 eggs per week. Try to consume a lot of green and colored veggies, all types of seasonal fruits, nuts especially almonds, all types of beans and fishes rich in omega fatty acids such as tuna and salmon. Olive and canola oils are the healthiest cooking medium and instead of deep fried items, try to eat freshly boiled or grilled food. Throw away any food item that is rich in trans fats, bad cholesterols and fattening ingredients. Try out fat free, cholesterol free vegetable oil spreads instead of butter. You can find more diet advice on

Cut Down Salt Intake
Experts from Bondi Personal Trainer also urge people to cut down the intake of high salt food items such as ready to eat meals, pizzas, canned veggies, baked beans, canned soups, salted nuts, crisps and chips. Check your grocery aisle for low sodium food products that do not cause coronary heart ailments.

Other Measures
A few other steps recommended by experts Bondi Personal Training include managing stress, controlling sleep apnea, taking low dose aspirins, quitting smoking, controlling blood sugar, improving good cholesterol levels and lowering blood pressure. You should also ask your GP to conduct regular screening tests.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Fitness Courses

When it comes to choosing Fitness Courses, you could definitely be faced with a host of questions as to what, which and how to make the decision. A helpful hint is not to get too tied up in the selection process.

It is a certification that will allow you to put one foot in the industry. This is because there is no certification course that earns the best tag. Whatever certifications you earn, they are avenues for building your knowledge in the field of fitness training.

Fitness Courses

How to become ‘qualified’

By just undergoing various training certifications you will not emerge as a qualified trainer. To reach this stage, experience and practical knowledge is required. A good way to gain such experience is to work under an experienced mentor.

You could also take up fitness training courses in a gym which will help you to gain varied experience and growth.  By handling clients of varied ages, in different health conditions and who have different fitness goals, you will gain valuable knowledge.

Do not be afraid to ask questions from senior trainers in the gym when faced with doubts. It is a hands-on opportunity and will prove an ideal growth opportunity in the field of training.  There are always new methods of training being introduced so any knowledge you have gained from fitness websites or magazines could be outdated.

You have to constantly upgrade your knowledge and learn to cater to people in different health situations. As mentioned above take full advantage of working with senior trainers by constantly seeking guidance and support.

Client approach

Though clients do generally take into account background information of any fitness trainer they approach, they are not really swayed by a sheaf of certifications you may present. Clients are not fully aware of the detailed training such certifications offer.

What can prove a clinching factor is if you are qualified in a particular type of training such as power-lifting, yoga, and kettle-bell training! If the client also has this requirement, it will swing the decision to train in your favour and you will get a better salary at the end of the day.

It is not just sales talk and super marketing that will fetch you clients. You need to have a strong combination of passion and knowledge to provide quality service. These are attributes fitness courses will not provide you with.

Further certifications

After you complete the basic personal training certification course if you would like to upgrade your knowledge there are courses such as CECs and CEUs.  These are ‘continuing education credits’ which require regular renewal. While these courses do provide worthwhile training, they are not essential to your career growth.


Undergoing Fitness Courses as mentioned above, puts you on the first step of the ladder.  Such certification endows you with appropriate research, methodology, and a good learning base. It is training which has been put together by a group of experts and which gives you a head-start in the fitness training industry. It is a place to make a start. The next step is entirely up to you.

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Physical fitness at your fingertips

Physical fitness has assumed more importance than ever. Every other person seems to have become fitness conscious. The present generation is obsessed with diet and nutrition programs. However, it is important to choose the right diet and nutrition program to get effective results- results that last! There are several benefits of following a healthy lifestyle. A well balanced nutrition program ensures healthy living. Healthy living is the key to longevity.

The importance of a nutritious meal cannot be understated. A nutritious meal is a balanced meal. It consists of rich sources of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. A diet and nutrition program like this ensures complete fitness. It leads to significant weight loss in the long run. It is important that you realize that exercise and nutrition for building muscle and losing fat is a science, just like any other science. You need to include some things in your daily regime to get results. Fat Burning Furnace is highly recommended for this purpose. The ebook well encapsulates the various strategies and techniques to burn fat effectively. It has some valuable tips and information pertaining to weight loss. You will learn about diet programs that work. You will learn about great diet and fitness plans. You will discover the secret truth about abs.

If you want to lose fat, the Fat Burning Furnace ebook can really help you. The author of the book used to be overweight himself. He lost weight successfully and he shares his many experiences in the ebook. His experiences, advice and tips on weight loss will definitely work to your advantage. The workout programs prescribed in the book will help you attain a lean body. You will be able to increase your metabolic rate dramatically. Look no further than this ebook if you are on the lookout for a diet program that truly works! His nutrition programs are fitness-oriented. They have been devised keeping physical fitness and overall well being in mind. You will burn fat and build lean muscle mass. You can rest assured that you will not get too bulky. Women can expect to look more feminine, shapely and sexy and men can expect to look well toned and muscular.

The ultimate aim of diet and nutrition programs is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Do not get swayed by bogus programs that result in health problems. Choose carefully. Choose wisely. Many people who just start to work out make the mistake of overdoing exercises. This should be avoided. Browse the Web for beginner workout to know more about the same. The truth about workouts for beginners is that they should start slow. They should incorporate basic exercises like skipping, push-ups, speed walking and crunches. Once they build stamina and are ready to push themselves, they should proceed to a rigorous exercise regime.

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Youth Fitness – An Introduction

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