Kia ora, Talofa and Welcome

Our Opening procedures for 2015 are as follows:

Office Opens:  Monday, 19 January 2015:  8.30am until 4.00pm daily

Uniform Shop Opens:  Wednesday, 21 January 2015:  10.00am until 2.00pm daily


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

1.30pm – 3.30pm  :     Re-enrolments for any Year 12 & 13 students who have course selection

                                 concerns or timetable issues.

Friday, 30 January 2015
8.45am:                    Year 9 Assembly followed by orientation programme for rest of the day. 

                               Report to the Hall.

Monday,0 2 February 2015
8.45am:           Year 9 students report to their whanau tutor group
9.00am:          Year 10-13 students.  Report to the hall in correct uniform.   All students on site                                        until 3.10pm
Tuesday, 03 February 2015
8.45am:           All students to report to their whanau tutor group.
9.00am:          Powhiri to welcome all new staff and students.         
                      All Parents welcome.
Pd2-5:           Normal classes for all levels.


Friday, 06 February 2015 :     Waitangi Day






Back Row (L to R):  Alex Zorn (Head Boy), Tuukuru Tahana, Javan Ataera
From Row (L to R): Sea Muaimalae, Nicola Fagan (Head Girl), Hannah Newell

Aranui High is very proud of its students and their achievements. Our mission is to be the best possible community secondary school and to provide a broad pathway for all of our students.  We have a reputation for innovation and flexibility in supporting student outcomes. The recently released Christchurch Education Renewal Plan significantly impacts on our school and its future. The Board of Trustees has been working with three other schools in our area, as part of the Aranui cluster. The Board of Trustees supported the Minister's proposal for the establishment of a brand new single -site community campus in 2017. We will continue to work co-operatively with the other schools in the cluster, to ensure that this concept is developed into an exciting plan with further details, so that the youth of the eastern area of the city have an educational hub that all sectors of our society  can be truly proud of. 

The Minister has now progressed the plan with the appointment of an Establishment Board for the new Community Campus.  We have already enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the EBot and to hear about the visions its members have for the new Campus.  

Despite the fact that the school has a limited period of time until its closure, we have been working hard to ensure that the students who are currently enrolled at Aranui High School get the very best education possible, and can enjoy the full range of extra-curricular opportunities which schools seek to provide, in order that our students have a balanced, rich experience of learning. At the beginning of 2014 our school was completely restructured, with the four whare groups which were introduced in 2013 becoming the new organisation of our school life: each of the four whare groups has four whanau groups, which replaced our form classes. Each whare group has a Head of Whare, who replaces the horizontal dean structure which the school previously had in place.  The whanau tutors have numerous opportunities to connect with families, as the students in each whanau group will stay together for the duration of their time at school. Each of the sixteen whanau groups is led by a prefect.

In addition to this, we have made major changes to the way we interact with our families regarding student learning. Three times a year we are closing school for the afternoon, so that families/whanau can come to school for in-depth interviews, with students and their parents, together with the whanau tutor.  At these interviews our staff have the opportunity to review academic progress as well as goal setting, and discussing barriers to progress at school. The role of the whanau tutor is vital in this regard, as the whanau class and the whare have now become the heart of the way we do things at Aranui High.

Our school is also on a pathway to becoming one of the first schools in Christchurch to be connected to the Network for Learning – N4L. This multi-million dollar Government initiative will provide our school with uncapped high speed fibre broadband.  We have been working over the past year to ensure that our professional learning  reflects the demands of 21st Century learning, and a decision was made that for 2014 school would start late every Monday to ensure that staff have the opportunity to engage in in-depth IT learning. A large number of our staff attended the Google conference which was held in Christchurch earlier this year, which provided a great impetus for this learning.  We are very happy to see these developments progress, and for our school to be in a strong place in grasping the tools to stay in the forefront of ICT supported learning.

Our school’s last ERO report was in 2013 – it is a very positive report on the learning and outcomes for students. Our 100% pass rate for Pasifika students in Level 1 NCEA last year is worthy of note, with pleasing achievement at other levels also. This year we have set the challenge of ensuring that all students at Level 1 achieve their level 2 target. Academic achievement is the heart of all we do as a school, and we actively work towards the Minister’s goal of 85% of 18 year olds reaching their Level 2 by 2017.


    RIMU           KOWHAI          KAURI          KAHIKITEA

Head of Whare           Head of Whare               Head of Whare           Head of Whare               Te Iwi Ngaro Wairau       Jane Herman                      LJ Emson                   Kieran Parsons                                                                                                       

Whare Leader           Whare Leader                  Whare Leader             Whare Leader            Hannah Newell           Tuukuru Tahana                  Kiwa Shankar               Sea Muaimalae                                                                                       

Our school is also in two Ministry of Education projects: we are the final year of School Wide Positive Behaviour for All. (SWPB4L) This programme actively promotes a positive and consistent approach to all aspects of our management of student behaviour. It promotes our school values and the restorative approach which has been embedded in our school life for some years. We have also been invited to join a programme which is a follow on from Te Kotahitanga, or more pertinently in our case, He Kakano. This new programme, which originally was named “Building On Success” is now called Kia Eke Panuku. The focus of the programme is the engagement and retention of Maori students at school. We look forward to our involvement in the programme.

We welcome you to Aranui High School. Our school has been serving the eastern part of Christchurch since 1960. Aranui Academies are our point of difference as the academies  give our school a niche which is quite distinctive.  Aranui is the broad pathway and in the time that is left for us before the exciting new campus development becomes a reality, our commitment to you and to our students will remain the same.

Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa


John Rohs




Term 1 : Friday, 31 January to Thursday, 17 April

Term 2 : Monday, 5 May to Friday 4 July

Term 3 : Monday, 21 July to Friday 26 September

Term 4 : Monday 13 October to Thursday, 11 December



9 December:           Board of Trustees Meeting

11 December:         Prizegiving

11 December:         Last Day of Term 4




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