Best Fitness Training Workouts to Lose Weight

Selecting the right functional training workouts can be confusing if losing weight is your specific fitness goal. This is hardly surprising given the mind-boggling number of functional  fitness workouts that claim to help you lose weight. This is where working under a personal trainer can make all the difference.

Your trainer will know just which functional training workouts to put in your plan after evaluating your body type and fitness goal. This is important as you want to lose just the right amount of weight and not too much.

Cardiovascular Workouts

Researchers maintain that you can lose weight more effectively if you include cardios in your regular workouts. Cardiovascular workouts are highly beneficial in boosting your metabolism and enhancing your oxygen intake capacity. Simple workouts such as swimming, jogging, running, cycling are all highly enjoyable outdoor workouts that fall in this category. You can do any of these regularly with friends or on your own.

For more punch, vary the intensity of your workouts so that you do a little of jogging in-between your regular walks or combine multiple swimming styles to provide more challenge to your muscles. You can find some great certificaton providers that offer Functional Fitness Courses.


Strength Training Workouts

Strength training or resistance training is also crucial if you to lose weight in real quick time. This type of workout targets your muscles making them bigger and stronger. Bigger muscles naturally require more energy to work and hence your body is compelled to burn more fat to release calories.

Understandably, strength training under a competent personal trainer has the potential to turn your body into a furnace with little scope for storing unnecessary fat. Over the months, you can see the results as you lose weight steadily just as planned.

Interval Training Workouts

This kind of workout is considered by many to be most effective for rapid weight loss. Interval training includes a host of workout moves that raises your heart rate followed by brief periods of rests where the heart beat falls. This happens repeatedly in quick succession so that your heart rate remains high which in turn boosts your metabolism. A higher metabolism ensures more fat burning and effective weight loss.

Your personal trainer may also incorporate high intensive interval training where the workouts are more rigorous and your body feels like falling apart. But the results are great and you will definitely see that rewards for all that hard work.

Workouts Targeting Large Muscle Groups

To supplement all your efforts at effective weight loss; include workouts that target large muscle groups all over the body. Fat is stored in different areas of the body and you would not want to look disproportionate with toned arms but a sagging abdomen.

Try out burpees, squats, explosive lunges, jump rope, double jump and other similar workouts. These workouts are so created that in one single movement you can target different muscle from different areas of the body. All these exercises focus on chest, abdomen, hips, shoulder, thighs and other areas which typically store fat and make you bulky. Reducing fat from these areas through regular exercise will make you lighter and give your entire body a well-toned look.

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