Property Development

2009 - The Present Day

In 2009 the school commenced a complete redevelopment of its campus. The project was due for completion by the end of term 1 2011, but repairs to the school's water mains and the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes held up the completion of the water mains and of the wharenui complex.

In 2009 the refurbished International Centre was opened (after the demolition of K block) as well as the extension of the Science block, which created a wonderful new block. Unfortunately, the two older laboratories were badly damaged during the earthquakes. 

During 2009 the massive new Technology and Art centre was built, and was opened with much fanfare by the Governor General His Excellency, Sir Anand Satyanand,  in February 2010. At the beginning of 2011 the school was very pleased to have the new Social Science and Mathematics blocks open for business as well as our new toilet block. All of these facilities are greatly appreciated by students.

Picture Overview :  2009-2011



 Technology Block





The Technology and Art Centre from the east.


The completed Technology and Art Centre from the rear.

  Maths and Social Sciences Blocks and Demolition of A - D Blocks















   Looking across the roof of the new Maths block
The demolition of A - D blocks was a very dramatic event.
First day of demolition of D block - the redevelopment starts in earnest. The machinery makes short work of our 50 year old buildings
Remains of the C block lift looking towards the technology centre. Final views of 50 years of Aranui history
The Pasifika room (original staff room) is stripped out in readiness for the
careful removal of the top floor of the building. The lower floor comprises the
hall toilets and Careers Centre, which were kept.
The landscape of the school was changed forever with the demolition
of the two storey teaching blocks over three years.
The wharenui is prepared for removal from the Breezes Rd
entrance to its new location in the centre of the school.
Our school wharenui Whakatokia te Matauranga in its new
position - in the heart of the school.  Unfortunately it remained unfinished for two years before permission was granted to complete it


Apart from the landscaping in the original plan, the campus development is now complete.

The school has had remediation work in the big gym, which was closed for much of 2013.  The library has been cleared for re-opening, along with the school canteen. 

Much needed asphalting of the large ground area between the hall and the library and the re-surfacing of the hall foyer has now been completed.

Naturally, the renovation and re-opening of the school Wharenui in early 2013 has been the highlight of the school's property development since February 2011.

School Kaumatua Rev. Wharekawa Kaa outside the school  
wharenui - Whakatokia te Matauranga.